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Free local advertising

for your business

or service!

• List your business or service FREE


• Reach users within 100 miles

with ads for your business or service


• Invite your customers to install the useful

calendar app and "follow"

your business.

• Promote offers and events to

your followers to keep them buying from you!



What is PlumTree?

What is PlumTree

Reach 100's

of shoppers

in your neighborhood anywhere, anytime

with targeted ads on their mobile devices.


How does it work?

There is no cost to you for listing your business or posting Plum ads

• we don't share in the revenue generated from your posts

• there is no subscription fee for registering

• there is no auction or bid process to get your ads positioned at the top of the list.

Your ads reach 100 miles in any direction and climb the list of available "Plum" deal offers the closer the user gets to your location.

Businesses owners like you enroll their business for Free with PlumTree here.


That's all there is to it

you are now ready to post special deals, offers and event ads  ("Plums") to the general audience of PlumTree users.


However, you are encouraged to complete your business profile with as much detail as possible, add images and descriptions to create interest and instill confidence and trust with the people who view your business listing and or Plum ads.


Create a Plum post

When PlumTree users are within 100 miles of the location you define in your Plum Ad Post, your special deal, offer or event PLUM is displayed in the list of local offers/events presented to the user.

Tip: Be sure to have at least one ad for your business or service running at all times so users can discover you easier.

Create a Community of your Customers

Build Loyalty - Invite your existing customers to install the Free PlumTree calendar app and encourage them to favorite, or "follow" your business for exclusive offers and events you post specifically for them.

How does it work?
How to build a community of users
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